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Redneck carrier landing

Hello, Member Tailgunner_Joe submitted a nice video, See a Piper Cub landing on a moving camper at a speed of about 60 miles per hour. Enjoy! Redneck carrier landing Thanks for sharing Tailgunner_Joe!

Kite Surfer

Hello, Member Jvdvood submitted a commercial made by an amateur, see a kite-surfer being dragged by an airliner… (mind you, this movie is fantasy) Enjoy! Kite Surfer Thanks for submitting, jvdvood!

EHRD-EHSE-EHRD – Gohanyo-2003

Hi, Member Oeroeboeroe took Gohanyo-2003 and FStommy on a flight from Rotterdam to Seppe (and back…)Gohanyo-2003 filmed the flight and made this compilation. Movie can be found at this page. Enjoy! Thanks for submitting...

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