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MLD crash

Hello, Member jankunny submitted this movie about a MLD helicopter crashing into the sea, after taking-off from a vessel. Regards! MLD crash Thanks for sharing, jankunny!

Harvard Aero show

Hello, Member Sunny91 submitted a nice movie about a Harvard showing off, flying some low passa’s and more. Enjoy Harvard Aero show Thanks for sharing, sunny91!

WinAtcBox II

Hi, Enjoying both audio AND radar streams? Special member PH-DNG programmed a very nice program with which you can simply click your desired radar and/or audio stream. For instructions and download see the page:...

EHRD radar stream

Hi, With pride again a fantastic new addon, thanks to special member Wiend we provide a LIVE EHRD Radar stream now. (Goldmembers only) Best way is to download the auto exe program which is...


Today oct. 26, 13.00 local time EHRD the Victor Formation Team of the Vliegclub Rotterdam will fly the Missing Man formation, in honour of Poppe de Lange and Ronald Slingerland, the victoms of the...


Hi, For those of you interested, thanks to member PH-LCS you can now download (goldmember only) the Fokker F28 Aircraft Operating Manual in the: Knowledge Bank Thanks PH-LCS!!

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