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New EHMZ hoster

Hi, Thanks to special member preijnhout we have the perfect location AT the airport EHMZ (Midden Zeeland) for our EHMZ audio stream. Thank you preijnhout!!

Movie – puking in plane

Hi Member Boeing737piloot submitted a funny movie about a female passenger of a small aircraft puking while flying in negative G condition. Enjoy! Movie – puking in plane Thanks for sharing, boeing737piloot.

WinATCboxII version

Hi, Special member PH-DNG updated his program to the version We changed the configuration with radar streams lately and previous version of WinATCboxII ( did not show all the buttons, this new version...

WinATCboxII version

Hi, Special member PH-DNG updated his program as well with the new Europe coverage Airnav Radar Streams. First un-install your version of WinATCboxII ( and go to the page below to install version

DC-10 firefighting tanker aircraft

Hi, Member refso submitted the following movie See the McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10, in action. The DC-10carries up to 12,000 gallons (45,600 liters) of water or fire retardant in an exterior belly-mounted tank. Enjoy! DC-10...

B767 NZ – ILS malfunctioning

Hello, Member Refso linked to this movie: An Air New Zealand 767 encounters a malfunctioning ILS Glideslope system which forces it to go around. A saftey instructional video discusses the event and the ramifications...

AN 225 @ Schiphol

Hi, You have probably heard about the visit of the AN-225 at Schiphol during Christmas. Not only heavy stuff at Schiphol, the AN-225 proved to be too heavy for ATCBOX. It caused a record...

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