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Crash Bethlehem – South-Africa

Hello, Member Boeing737piloot found some footage about a small aircraft crashing after taking-off from Bethlehem, South-Africa on December 19, 2007. Regards. Crash Bethlehem – South-Africa Thanks for linking, boeing737piloot.

F-100 IranAir on fire

Hello, Member Fokker70 linked to this recent movie, On 2-1-2008 a IranAir Fokker-100 skidded off the runway while taking-off and got on fire. Regards! F-100 IranAir on fire Thanks for sharing, fokker70!

Huur de Yakkes bus

Beste members, De Yakkes Foundation heeft een eigen VIP bus aangeschaft en is druk doende deze tot in detail te reviseren en om te bouwen tot byzondere VIP lounge. De VIP bus bij jouw...


Hi, We are very proud to introduce a new application called: ATCBOXlive! Team member Hakkie programmed it and now you have ONE program for listening to the audio streams (no need to install other...

New EHEH mixed stream

Hi, They won’t stop, somebody STOP THEM Team members Doro & BerendBotje are responsible for another NEW audio stream called EHEH Mixed. A nice backup for the other 3 EHEH streams or listen to...

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