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Helicopter sea crash

Hi, Member Tailgunner_Joe submitted a movie about a helicopter crashing into the sea, after an attempt to fly away. Regards! Helicopter sea crash Thanks for sharing, Tailgunner_Joe!

Young B777 pilot to be

Hi there, Member mstoel submitted this movie about a 3.5 year old gal pilot-wannabe learning the cockpit layout of a 777 Enjoy! Young B777 pilot to be Thanks mstoel for submitting.

LCY146 bumpy landing

Hi, See a Swiss Bae-146 making a bumpy landing at London City Airport, UK. Movie including slow-motion footage. LCY146 bumpy landing Thanks again to Refso for sharing!

Chopper low

Hi, member nustyr linked to a movie about a chopper going very low. Enjoy! Chopper low Thanks for linking, nustyr.

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