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The Fighter Community

Hi, Member pixeljunkie submitted a promo of the movie: The Fighter Community. Notification: The promo is in DivX format. Enjoy! The Fighter Community Thanks for sharing, pixeljunkie.

NH-90 crash

Hi, See an NH90 helicopter crashing while performing at an Italian Airshow on June 1, 2008. Regards! NH-90 crash

Pictures 4th Texel Fly-inn

Hi, Member BUITB went on May 24 with a Catalina to the 4th Texel Taildragger & Old Timer Fly-inn at Texel, EHTX. He made some really great pictures, and he wanted to share them...

SZMO Tower

Hi, Member Aztek submitted another nice selfmade movie, this time see the SZMO Tower from the inside, SZMO is also known as ‘Zorg en Hoop airport. Enjoy! SZMO Tower Thanks for sharing, aztek!

Mango flight Tulca 234

repost Hi there! Member p51d submitted a long time ago a self made movie about a flight with Tulca operating as Mango Airlines in South-Africa filmed the cabin. Mango flight Tulca 234 Enjoy! Thanks...

ME-109 gear incident

Hi again, Member Badcop found a movie about a ME-109 having an bad landing, due to gear problems… Enjoy! ME-109 gear incident Thanks for sharing, goodcop!

F-15 spotting

Hi, I found another movie, which was waiting a long time to be published! See the F-15 in action, some footage about the F-15. Enjoy! F-15 spotting

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