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Cessna 150 highway take-off

Hi, Member Badcop submitted a cool movie about a Cessna 150 taking off from a highway in the USA, after making an emergency landing. Enjoy! Cessna 150 highway take-off Thanks for sharing, badcop!

Goldmember HD movies added

Hi, Hakkie submitted two great cockpit movie trailers in High Definition format. Note: Not every computer system is able to play HD movies. What you need is a powerful PC which has a HD...

Company stream back again!!

Hi, Thanks to the effort of teammember BerendBotje and the new hoster, special member Marco747, the Company (audio) stream is back in the air. You can listen to: Thanks guys, a very interesting stream...

Badcop flies the MD-11

Hi, Member and dear friend Badcop is a lucky guy with a simulator instructor as neighbour. Yesterday he flew the MD-11 simulator and made a perfect landing for no experience: MD-11 Simulator Thanks Badcopper!!...

New goldmember movie added

Goldmembers only Hi, Another nice goldmember movie has been added. More information can be found here Enjoy! Read this for more information about becoming a goldmember.

Goldmember movie added

Hi, Member Kaaskopje submitted a nice movie about the NLS, Nationale Luchtvaartschool. The history of the flight academy from the establishment in 1927 until now will be shown. The movie can be found on...

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