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B-2 Bomber Crash Video 2

Hi, Member Badcop submitted this movie about an B-2 stealth bomber crashing while taking-off and bursting into flames, just after the crew has ejected. Regards: PH-AJO B-2 Bomber Crash Video 2 Thanks for sharing,...

Stealth flyby

Hi, Member NustyR linked to another nice movie, See a stealth flyby of several F-117 Nighthawks flying to their last destination; the scrapheap. Enjoy! Stealth flyby Thanks for sharing, nustyr!

Thrust reverser

Hi, Member Thrustreverser submitted a movie directly related to his ATCbox nickname: In this movie you can see how the thrustreverser of a Boeing 777-300 works! Enjoy! Thrust reverser Thanks for sharing, thrustreverser!

MiG29 extreme take-off

Hi, Member Badcop submitted this cool movie about a Mig-29 going vertically just after taking-off during an airshow. Enjoy! MiG29 extreme take-off Thanks for sharing, badcop!

KaiTak documentary

Hi, member Mikafan referred to a nice Chinese documentary about the KaiTak airport. Enjoy! KaiTak documentary Thanks for linking, mikafan!

Classic Wings – AN-2 Display

Hi, This is a movie you might wanna see, filmed from different angels (outside, inside, a real beauty. Rob “Whale” de Man of Classic Wings performing a display at the Airshow of Leeuwarden last...

Schweizer 300 crashes at air show

Hi, Another movie submitted by member Badcop, This time you can see a Schweizer 300 crashing during an air show. Stunt pilot Dennis Kenyon was performing a practice maneuver called a “wingover.” The helicopter...

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