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New goldmember movie added

Hi, Another very nice documentary is added to the Goldmember Zone. See this page to check this new download. Enjoy! No access to the Goldmember Zone? See this page.

B-24 Liberator instruction movie

Hello, Member sunny91 submitted another training film, this one demonstrates specific techniques for landing B-24 Liberators that have sustained a wide variety of damage in differing conditions, including water landings. Enjoy! B-24 Liberator instruction...

Don't kill your friends

Hello, Member sunny91 submitted this old instruction video, about what not to do during aerial gunnery. Enjoy! Don’t kill your friends Thanks for sharing, sunny91.

The Low Pass

Hello, Member Didimon submitted this compilation of a lot of low passa’s in one movie. Enjoy! The Low Pass Thanks for sharing, Didimon.

3 movies added

Hi, Member NustyR submitted the following three interesting movies: Concorde short docu SR-71 Blackbird short docu Swiss Mirages in action Enjoy! Thanks for sharing, NustyR.

Schiphol streams news

Dear members, Since we experienced more and more problems with the ATC streams and old hardware is dying fast, we decided to make a complete new setup almost at Schiphol itself. The best place...

STOL hilltop fun

Hello, Member La-Luna submitted this nice STOL hilltop fun movie, the 1st hilltop in this clip is 20 degrees (40%) steep and 150 ft long. Altitude about 3500 ft. Enjoy! STOL hilltop fun Thanks...

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