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T-28 demo

Hello, Member Sunny91 submitted another widescreen movie. In this one a T-28 flies a demo. Enjoy! T-28 demo Thanks for sharing Sunny91 !

T-6 Texan demo

Hello, Member Sunny91 submitted a nice movie. See a few widescreen shots of a T-6 Texan demo. The Texan sounds really nice! Enjoy! T-6 Texan demo Thanks for submitting Sunny91 !

Helo Thunder

Hello, Time for action! See a spectacular movie of military helicopters in action, like the Apache, the Black Hawk, Chinook and other. Enjoy! Helo Thunder

PhoenixStella weblog

Hi, Member airwaybill notified me on a website with lots of news of a group ATPL students. Linked under Aviation weblogs, ATPL students: PhoenixStella Have fun!

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