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Hello, See a movie of the Tu-95, which is equipped with contra-rotating prop’s. Enjoy! TU-95

B734 Garuda Indonesia crash

Hello, Member Refso found a movie of a terrible accident which happened today See the crash of a Boeing 737-400 of Garuda Indonesia, a state-owned airline. B734 Garuda Indonesia crash Thanks to refso for...

C47 picking up Waco Glider

Hello, Member BertAtHome found a nice historical movie of a C-47, (the military designation of the Douglas DC-3) picking up a Waco Glider. Enjoy! C47 picking up Waco Glider Thanks for sharing BertAtHome!

New addition to goldmember downloads

Hello, Member Andie submitted a very cool movie about a Lufthansa Boeing 747, see how the ground services are working; and more. Click here to go to the Goldmember Download page The goldmember section...

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