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P-47 Thunderbolt

Hello, Member Virga submitted a movie about the 362nd group army air corps based in Etaine, France and 377th Squadron’s combat pilots flying P-47 Thunderbolts. Enjoy! P-47 Thunderbolt Thanks for sharing Virga!


Hello, Member Cowboy submitted a nice selfmade movie: As part of my PPL I need to fly 3 ‘long’ tracks around The Netherlands in one day… I did EHRD-EHLE-EHTX-EHRD.I taped a vidcam to the...

Air 05 Europe – trailer

Hello, See another trailer from Lionel Charlet, Air 05 Europe. If you love airplanes or are only just starting to discover them, your eyes and ears will be blown away ! Enjoy! Air 05...

A310 Biman nosegear

Hello, Margje submitted a securitycamera recording on Dubai International Airport; a Biman Airbus A310 landing without nosegear. Enjoy! A310 Biman nosegear Thanks for submitting Margje!

Yak – Low Passa

Hello, Member Tailgunner_Joe submitted a nice movie of a Yak making a low passa! Enjoy! Yak – Low Passa Thanks for sharing, Tailgunner_Joe!

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