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Quality Aircraft Painting Services

Hello, Member CSI did a very good investigation and found this very nice movie about the work of QAPS, Quality Aircraft Painting Services. In this movie a Boeing 737 is repainted. Enjoy! Quality Aircraft...

New added photos

Hi, With still hundreds of photos to add to our gallery with the problem that’s it’s impossible to point out every new photo, I got the idea to make a new album in the...


Hello, Member Apie flew in may 2006 from Schiphol to Curaçao via St. Maarten. Here’s finally the edited movie of his flight. Enjoy! AMS-SXM-CUR 2006 Thanks for submitting, Apie.

Yak 50 movies

Hi, Member and friend Tailgunner_joe submitted 4 nice Yak 50 movies: Yak 50 – Special Take off Yak 50 – Lomcevak Yak 50 – Avalanche Yak 50 – 4 Point Thanks Tailgunner_joe, nice stuff!

USS Ronald Reagan

Hi, Member sunny91 (thank you) submitted a nice documentary regarding the USS Ronald Reagan Aircraft Carrier. Very interesting to see the life at a carrier combined with a lot of nice (spectacular) shots of...

Weblog EmielJ

Hi, Member EmielJ is busy with his PPL training. He shares his experiences in a weblog: Weblog EmielJ Also permalinked under Aviation Weblogs on the left! Happy landings EmielJ!

Twintrip Cowboy

Hi, Member Cowboy submitted a very nice movie made during a flight he made on this Twin Diamond. See also his weblog. Twintrip Cowboy Thanks for sharing Cowboy!

Goldmember – Le Puma Du Tchad

Hello, Member Virga submitted a very nice HQ movie called ‘Le Puma Du Tchad’. The title of the movie speaks for itself. Lots of rough flying in Tchad! Enjoy! The movie can be found...

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