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B752 Thomson Fly birdstrike landing

Hello, Member Evert found a nice movie complete with ATC-chatter about a Thomsonfly Boeing 757-200 having a birdstrike while taking-off and landing afterwards. Enjoy! B752 Thomson Fly birdstrike landing Thanks for linking, evert!

Go Around St. Maarten

Hello, Both members Muzieman and Delta12 found a movie about a Boeing 747 going around for another Boeing 747 which is still on the runway… Enjoy! Go Around St. Maarten Thanks for sharing guys!

Mirage F1 starwars

Hello, Member Beuk submitted a nice movie, see some French Mirage F1’s flying really low in rough terrain in the movie called Mirage F1 starwars. Enjoy! Mirage F1 starwars Thanks for submitting, Beuk!

EHRD 2004

Hello, See a nice spotting movie filmed at Rotterdam Airport, in 2004 by member greenbaron. Enjoy! EHRD 2004 Thanks for sharing, greenbaron!

EHMZ stream

Hi, We’re on the move and in our goal to cover all airfields in Holland with some other areas as well, we are proud we realized another stream tonight (second one within 48 hours)....

Landing at Recife (Brasil)

Hi, Member and brother in law vhfnn had a very nice ferry flight with a Fokker 100. He filmed the approach, landing and taxi in at Recife (Brasil) which is quite a nice movie....

NEW Volkel Airbase stream

Hi, Special member Marco747 volunteered to host a stream of Volkel Airbase (EHVK). He’s living near the airbase so the perfect location. Team member Doro went to Marco747 and the stream is a fact...

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