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B757 AA Honduras low approach

Hello, Member Mike01 found another spectacular movie: See a American Airlines Boeing 757 flying a really low approach into Honduras. Enjoy! B757 AA Honduras low approach Thanks for sharing, mike01!

EHBK Radar stream

Hi, Wow, this is ATCBOX running at full speed…. another great (new) addon for our Goldmembers…. For a while we are talking with the people behind They wanted to offer their members a...

New weblog

Today I found out that my neighbor Marcel started his PPL lessons! He also owns a weblog, at The weblog was also added to the RSS feed page at Good luck with... UPDATE

Hi, Special member Hakkie did a major update on his auto execute program regarding the Norwegian radar streams founded by: See this page for instructions and download: Setup v2.0.5 Thanks Hakkie!

V-1 flying bomb sound

Hello, Member Virga submitted another sound recording, Listen to the sound of a pulse jet engine equipped WW2 V1 flying bomb. Enjoy! V-1 flying bomb sound Thanks for submitting, virga!

Spitfire low passes

Hello, Member Virga submitted this cool recording: Listen to the characterizing Merlin engine of a Spitfire, making some low passes! Enjoy! Spitfire low passes Thanks for sharing, virga!

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