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VLM Runway overshoot – EHGG

repost due to broken link Hi, Yesterday, May 18, 2007 approx. 21:00 lt, a VLM Fokker 50 overshooted the runway at EHGG, see the minutes after this incident. VLM Runway overshoot – EHGG Thanks...

Eelde Airport – EHGG

Hi, Thanks to member jankunny we now can enjoy 3 parts of an Eelde Airport documentary seen on local television over there quite a while ago…. Very interesting to see how things work at...

Oostwold Airshow 2007

Hi, Grqhandling submitted a short movie about the Oostwold Airshow 2007, with aicraft like the Yak-52, Fokker S-11, AN-2 and more! Enjoy! Oostwold Airshow 2007 Thanks for submitting, grqhandling!


Hi, Member Hakkie submitted another movie, See a AWACS being guided into Leeuwarden AB 1999 during the Frisian Flag excercise. Enjoy! EHLW AWACS GCA 1999 Thanks for sharing hakkie!

Saab Viggen – KLu 85 jaar

Hi, member Hakkie submitted a nice movie filmed at the 1998 open days of the KLu, which celebrated it’s 85 birthday. Enjoy! Saab Viggen – KLu 85 jaar Thanks for sharing, Hakkie!

F4 Phantom's at EHTW

Hello, Member Hakkie submitted a movie about a couple of German F4 Phantom’s at Twenthe AB in action. Enjoy! F4 Phantom’s at EHTW Thanks for sharing hakkie!

DC6 Douglas

Hello, Member Virga submitted another old movie about the DC6 Douglas in action. Enjoy! DC6 Douglas Thanks again, virga!

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