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Weather radar Netherlands without delay provides a free precipitation radar for the Netherlands, North Sea and Belgium. Contrary to other weather radar sites, provides near real-time radar without the usual 15 min. delay. The picture below (realtime)...


Hi, PocketFMS is a constantly developing software Flight Management System package for Windows PC’s and Pocket PC’s, which will assist you with flight planning and during flight execution. Flight planning now becomes a breeze:...

Weblog PH-CvK

Hi, Member PH-CvK started learning to fly as a PPL student. You can read his experiences in his weblog: weblog PH-CvK Permalinked also on the left (Aviation Weblogs). Good luck PH-CvK, happy landings!

FIFI KATE weblog

Hi, At the 15th of May the DC-3 ‘FIFI KATE’ will leave Lelystad and fly to the USA (California). The crew will try to keep record in a specially created weblog: FIFI KATE This...

Weblog Tailgunner_joe

Hi, Member Tailgunner_joe (founder of the Yakkes Foundation) also started a nice (aviation related) weblog: Tailgunner_joe The permalink is on the left Aviation Weblogs Have fun blogging Tailgunner_joe!!

Flight Tracking

Hi, The company FlightStats launched a website on which you can track flights. They have a coverage of approx. 85% of all flights. Very nice to hear and see flights via ATCBOX and if...

Weblog TAV080

Hi, Member TAV080 is also ATPL student and keeps record in his weblog: Weblog TAV080 Permalink on the left under Aviation Weblogs! Happy landings TAV080!

Hi, Member Airwaybill submitted a nice weblink of several classes at the Stella Aviation Academy, worth to take a look: Thanks and good luck to all of you!

Weblog Marnix

Hi, Member Marnix is ATPL student and recently started flying in Portugal. He keeps record in his weblog which is now also added to the Aviation Weblogs menu on the left: Weblog Marnix Good...

Frank Versteegh NEW

Hi, Frank Versteegh found a new sponsor who also hosts his new site which looks great. Check it out (mind you, still a lot of work in progress): Also his weblog is integrated...

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