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Weblog Snah, PPL pilot

Hi, On the left, clickin’ this picture: will pop-up a screen with all our Aviation Weblogs. A new weblog was just added, member Snah is PPL pilot and shares his experiences in his weblog:...

Live ACARS messages

Hi, Thanks to member PH-MJS you now can read LIVE Acars messages between 8.00 and 22.00 local Dutch Time. ACARS Live This link is permalinked under ATCBOX Extra’s on the left.

New weblog

Today I found out that my neighbor Marcel started his PPL lessons! He also owns a weblog, at The weblog was also added to the RSS feed page at Good luck with...

Weblog Richard260779

Hi, Member Richard260779 is PPL pilot and shares his stories in his weblog: Weblog Richard260779 Also permalinked on the left under Aviation Weblogs…. Happy landings Richard!!

Weblog EmielJ

Hi, Member EmielJ is busy with his PPL training. He shares his experiences in a weblog: Weblog EmielJ Also permalinked under Aviation Weblogs on the left! Happy landings EmielJ!

Weblog Marcjanschra

Hi, Member Marcjanschra notified us that he has a weblog about his ATPL course in Oxford. Weblog Marcjanschra Also permalinked under Aviation Weblogs on the left.

Hi, We are from and kindly ask you to help us with this project. The idea behind this project is to create a wiki especially for aviation and maintained by aviation enthousiasts out...

Weblog NLS0601

Hi, Member Jooz, (member from almost the beginning), notified me on the weblog of his class which is quite nice to read and see…. If you wanna keep track of the NLS class 0601,...

Google Earth Aviation

Hi, On the left now (under the ATCBOX Extra’s menu) you can find a block called: Google Earth Aviation. 3 links for the moment, download Google Earth, the live radar images of ‘’ and...

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