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New photos Didimon

Made some pictures today during work which can be found in the latest album of me in the gallery. (Didimon photos – Latest photos). Enjoy!!

New photo album Rotterdam

Yesterday I had to fly from Rotterdam Airport and thanx to this website I met member Kuifje who is working as a fireman at the airport. Thanx to this he is able to make...

777 flightdeck

Due the upcoming KLM777 I posted several photo’s from a 777 flightdeck. Pay attention to the crewrest photo. I think this will be used a lot of time during the flight 😉 Check the...

New photos

Made a lot of photos again yesterday which you can now enjoy in the gallery. Didimon photos -> Latest photos. Regards: Didimon

New photos

Today I started flying again after a long period of recovery from surgeon. It was beautifull again and enjoyed it very much! Had a great day and made some nice pictures and also 2...

Glider Flying Photos

The album Voet in the gallery has been changed to Glider Flying Photos and in this album you will find sub-albums of members (also Voet himself) who uploaded a lot of nice pictures the...

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