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Volkol photos

Hi there, Member Cactus, who is also responsable for the Volkel Dutchmil stream, went to the open days at Volkel and took some great pictures. Gallery -> Military Aviation -> Volkel june 2004 Today...

Approach photos

Flew to La Palma yesterday and made some nice photos during the approach…. Gallery -> Approach Photos -> Canary Islands The story behind it can be read in my weblog.

Military photos

Member and site translator TheFlyingDutchman posted some very nice military aviation photos. Check the General military aviation photos in the Gallery.

New member photo album

Member Cvkn went to Pisa and back to Schiphol one day and gave his camera to the pilots who shot some pictures with it. You can see the photos in the gallery: Special Members...

Photos of member Voet

Member and personal friend Voet went to Italy to make some very nice glider flights…. See his photos in this album. Nice photos Voet, especially the one on which you are ‘sniffing the oxygen’...

New photo album

Member and collegae BuckDanny is also flying and wants to share some nice aviation photos with us. Check the gallery: Special Members Album -> BuckDanny Thanx for sharing BuckDanny!!


Member sierrapapa is a military air traffic controller at Lisboa (Portugal) and willing to share things with us like some nice photos. Go check his personal photo album in the gallery: Special Members Albums...

Photos of member Jooz

Member Jooz has a lot of photos which he wants to share with us. He’s got his own album in the gallery in which he will upload a lot more next couple of weeks...

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