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Photos added

Hi there, Some photos are added, a few more MICROLIGHT photos, thanks to members Cosmoscar and the_wingman. See the Microlight photo album And 2 very spectacular photos of the Russian Knights which I got...

Ultra light aviation photos

Hi, Lot of people forget that Ultra Light Aviation is aviation too so added some nice photos in a newly created photo album. Check it out: Check this photo album Photos are of member...

A380 cockpit photo

Hi there, Just received a (first?) cockpit photo of the Airbus 380 which will make it’s maiden flight somewhere this week (most probably on wednesday). Click on the photo below to see it fullsize:

Photos Radarghost

Hi there, Member Radarghost made a flight after Holland was covered with snow and made some beautifull photos. Check his photo album for more nice stuff!! Thanks for sharing Radarghost!!

Photos of member Olafje

Hi there, Member Olafje emailed me some nice photos and he has lots more so created his own photo album in which you’ll find some beauties. See his photo album Thanks Olafje, fill it...

Old photos

Hi, Well respected member daan5150 emailed me some old photos out of 1995 made by his father…. very nice to see and since he has more to come I created his own album in...

Spectacular photo

Hi there, Take a look at the photo below (click on it to see in in full size)…. really nice. This photo I became from a collegae who is also the pilot in the...

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