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Radar tool NEW version

Hi, Special member Hakkie updated his auto execute program to see the LIVE radar images. Most important is that the program is 99% Vista compatible. See the page: Radar Tool Thank you Hakkie!

Dornier 328 Solid aiR 3d fun

Hi, Remember a few days ago the 3d view on the Dornier 328 of Solid aiR? There’s more 3d fun available now, take a look and it’s worth downloading so you can play with...

ATC-FlyRadar update

Hi, For those of you who are working with the automated execute program for our Norwegian partners radar streams, an important update is available.. Check this and update your registry with the file to...

Norwegian radar streams

Hi, Some guys in Norway also started to provide radar streams for their region. We talked behind the screens and helped each other. Hakkie made an auto execute program for their (3) streams which...

WinATC version 2.0.2

Hi, New stream added yesterday and today already the update for WinATC with the new Air to Air stream integrated. See the WinATC download and information page Thanks djenn for the quick interaction!

WinATC version 2.0.0

Hi, After a lot of positive comments, special member djenn re-programmed his WinATC application which resulted in a brand new version 2.0.0 Forget about previous versions, just check and read the page below carefully,...

WinATC version 1.2

Hi, Again some bugs in the WinATC program resolved. Version 1.2 is downloadable. WinATC Audio Stream Tool Thank you djenn

WinATC version 1.1

Hi, Special member djenn is very enthousiastic and resolved already some bugs in the WinATC program. Version 1.1 is (on the same day) a fact. Click on the link below for the download and...

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