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New Goldmember movie added

Hi there, Just added another goldmember movie. This time a cockpit movie about Low level flight above the Moroccan coast in divx format, which can be found here . Enjoy!

ATPL Feedback tool

Hi, Busy with your ATPL or just want to test your knowledge? Thanks to member Xolon a nice ATPL Feedback tool has been added to our Knowledge Bank. Knowledge Bank Thanks Xolon!

New goldmember movies category

Hello, Member Dkoala gave ATCbox his permission to offer his movies made during work as a pilot. The movies (with a total size of appr. 1GB together now) can be found here Enjoy! Thanks...


Hi, For those of you interested, thanks to member PH-LCS you can now download (goldmember only) the Fokker F28 Aircraft Operating Manual in the: Knowledge Bank Thanks PH-LCS!!

New goldmember movie added

Hello, Member JanKunny submitted a very nice movie about the Royal Netherlands Air Force 314 squadron taking part of the Ace Mobile Forces. The movie can be found here Thanks for submitting, jankunny!

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