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Hi, Still had a few screensavers to be added and also member PH-LCS submitted a very nice small radarscope screensaver. Have a look in the download section: Screensavers Enjoy!


Hi again, A very funny song was submitted by member Tailgunner_Joe. Stupid Wingman`s! Thanx for sharing Tailgunner_Joe…

Old ATC Game

Hi there, Member PH-KBY emailed me an old but nice ATC simulator program complete with documentation. It’s written in DOS so don’t expect high quality graphics but maybe it’s nice to try?? Downloads ->...

ISENA – Interactive ATC simulator

Interactive air traffic control simulation. New generation of basic and advanced ATC simulator training software for tower, radar and procedural control, featuring feed-back, stand-alone module and many advanced training tools. For more info:

A380 pictures

Received a nice email from member Timber with a file attached which contains various pictures of the making of the Airbus A380. It’s in PDF format so you need Acrobat Reader. Downloads -> Files...

ICAO Annexes

thanks to member sierrapapa you can view/download all the ICAO Annexes from this site now. Downloads -> Aviation – ICAO Annexes-> 1 – 18 The files are zipped, after unzipping you need acrobat reader...

Funny sketch

Thanx to member Rysz, we can listen to a funny sketch about airline announcements!! Downloads -> Files Various -> George Carlin – Airline Announcements Thanx Rysz!!

2 sound files

2 sound files added which were waiting to be added for a very long time: A music combined with ATC fragments submitted by Jan de Gier Downloads -> Files Various -> Speedbird13 A (supposed...

Scanrec 1.8.1

A lot of people asked already how to record the streams and there are various ways to do so but member and moderator PH-RIP found a very nice and handy program called: Scanrec See...

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