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Paper Planes

Hi, A very nice addon to ATCBOX, 19 paper planes which are easy to make and will give a lot of fun flying. These things fly perfectly if you make them correct. Check it...

Spitfire flying by

Hi Member Sunny91 submitted this time great soundrecordings of a Spitfire flying by a few times! Enjoy! Spitfire flying by Thanks again for submitting, sunny91!

WinATCboxII version

Hi, Special member PH-DNG updated his program to the version We changed the configuration with radar streams lately and previous version of WinATCboxII ( did not show all the buttons, this new version...

WinATCboxII version

Hi, Special member PH-DNG updated his program as well with the new Europe coverage Airnav Radar Streams. First un-install your version of WinATCboxII ( and go to the page below to install version

Zhukovsky Russian Industry airshow 2007

Hello, Member RoaringMerlin submitted a nice PowerPoint slideshow about the Russian Industry airshow 2007 at Zhukovsky airport. Enjoy! Zhukovsky Russian Industry airshow 2007 Thanks for sharing RoaringMerlin!

747-400 4X-ELD problem

Hello, Member Tailgunner_Joe submitted a PDF file about a ElAl 747-400 4X-ELD which collided with a towtruck… Enjoy! 747-400 4X-ELD problem Thanks for submitting, Tailgunner_Joe!

100 ringtones added

Hello, As you see, is kicking and alive! I just added the large number of 100 (!) ringtones to the Ringtones section which can be found in the ATCBOX Extra’s menu on the...

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