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Shit Happens!

Hello, Member Didimon submitted this Powerpoint presentation showing pictures of several incidents involving civil aircrafts. Enjoy! Shit Happens! Thanks for sharing, Didimon.

AN225 Powerpoint Presentation

Hello, Member B e n submitted this powerpoint presentation containing lots of nice pictures and a lot of facts about the giant AN225. Enjoy! AN225 Powerpoint Presentation Thanks for sharing, B e n.

Slideshow birdstrikes

Hello, Member Doro submitted a slideshow, containing a slideshow of different birdstrikes. Enjoy! Slideshow birdstrikes Thanks for sharing, Doro!

3 movies added

Hi, Member NustyR submitted the following three interesting movies: Concorde short docu SR-71 Blackbird short docu Swiss Mirages in action Enjoy! Thanks for sharing, NustyR.

Flight1549 powerpoint presentation

Hello, Member Mieke submitted this collection of images bundled in a Powerpoint presentation regarding the succesfull ditching of flight 1549 into the Hudson river. Regards! Flight1549 powerpoint presentation Thanks for sharing, mieke.

3 movies added

Hello, Member nustyr submitted the following three movies, now ready for you to download: Commercial aircraft slideshow movie RC – WW2 Bomber crash Huge F-14 Tomcat flyby Enjoy! Thanks for submitting, nustyr.

Cessna movies

Hi, member Refso linked to some very nice movies, now available in the download section. How not to land at Big Creek Cessna 172H landing at Stibnite Idaho Cessna 172 Landing at Indian Creek...

Space Shuttle slideshow

Hi there, Member airpiraat submitted a nice PowerPoint slideshow about the NASA Space Shuttle. Enjoy! Space Shuttle slideshow Thanks for sharing, airpiraat.

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