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New audio stream Companies

In the mailbox tonight: Hello, I have a scanner connected to the internet with the company frequencies of KLM, KLC,, Martinair and Arkefly. I’d like to share via ATCBOX. Mind you, it’s not...

Homepage History

Hi, Our new site administrator, PH-AJO is enjoying himself at ATCBOX and he’s adding movies like a rocket. Great!! But if you miss a few days, you might miss some great adds… problem? Not...


Hi, Work In Progress….. Busy with updating software i.e. so this is the cause some things are not showing or working….. busy with it! Regards!

EHEH stream improvement

The EHEH stream had some interference the past days. Apologies for that. A new antenna splitter (SP-3 from RF-systems, David thanks for the advice) has been installed. The signal loss and interference now is... extra's

Hi, has something new which is quite nice. It’s also allowed to add this to your website so why not to ATCBOX? Interested in the wind direction, wind velocity, pressure (QNH) and temperature...

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