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Manchester spotting

Hello, Member HJ92 found this spotting movie, recorded at Manchester airport, United Kingdom. Enjoy! Manchester spotting Thanks for linking, HJ92.

Cessna belly landing 7NJ5

Hi Member Boeing737piloot linked to a movie about an Cessna with landing gear problems making a successful belly landing at Morristown Memorial Airport.(11/29/2007)The pilot and passenger walked away unscathed. Regards! Cessna belly landing 7NJ5...

B737NG cockpit preparation

Hi Member Gohanyo-2003 linked a cockpitmovie about the crew of a Boeing 737 Next Generation preparing for another flight. Enjoy! B737NG cockpit preparation Thanks for linking, gohanyo-2003!

Actiondad his final clearence

Hi, Well respected member Actiondad is retired now and last week he gave his last and final landing clearence at EHAM tower which was filmed by his son: Actiondad his final landing clearence ATCBOX...

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