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AN-28 Blue Wings

Hi, Member Aztek submitted his movie about some Antonov AN28 movements at Zorg & Hoop airport. Enjoy! AN-28 Blue Wings Thanks for sharing, aztek!

DC-8 MK Airlines, Ndola

Hi, My buddy and member Amurge went on a businesstrip to Zambia and had the chance to record a DC-8 from MK Airlines, taxiing into the ramp. Pretty rare here in Europe, but fully...

Lifeliner 2 – take-off

Hi there, Member gohanyo-2003 submitted a movie about the Dutch trauma helicopter Lifeliner 2 taking-off. Enjoy! Lifeliner 2 – take-off Thanks to gohanyo for sharing this movie.

Fatal stunt

Hi there, Member Sunny91 submitted this movie, see a stunt being performed, with fatal result… Fatal stunt Thanks for sharing, sunny91!

Helicopter sea crash

Hi, Member Tailgunner_Joe submitted a movie about a helicopter crashing into the sea, after an attempt to fly away. Regards! Helicopter sea crash Thanks for sharing, Tailgunner_Joe!

Young B777 pilot to be

Hi there, Member mstoel submitted this movie about a 3.5 year old gal pilot-wannabe learning the cockpit layout of a 777 Enjoy! Young B777 pilot to be Thanks mstoel for submitting.

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