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Onlangs is ATCbox op de hoogte gebracht van het bestaan van Emma. Een GE-WEL-DIG verhaal, wat begon als een geintje dreigt mega, maar leuk, uit de hand te lopen. Emma heeft inmiddels zelfs een...

Near fatal take-off

Hello, Member Badcop submitted this movie about a Turbo Otter taking-off with near disastrous consequences. Regards! Near fatal take-off Thanks for sharing, badcop.

Stichting Hoogvliegers pet

Hi, As you probably know, we are official sponsor & partner of the Hoogvliegers Foundation. Thanks to the ATCBOX community a lot of good things already happened. Many ATCBOX members are flying for the...

Snowdesk stream

Hi, Thanks to the effort of teammembers BerendBotje & Sventek we offer you another stream. It’s on top of the list and selectable in the LIVE! program. With special thanks to special member peenbril...

Miramar Airshow Boeing 747SP Flyby

Hi, member Tailgunner_Joe submitted this cool movie about a Boeing 747SP flying-by several times at the 2008 Miramar Airshow. Enjoy! Miramar Airshow Boeing 747SP Flyby Thanks for sharing, tailgunner_joe.

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