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Almost Mid-Air Collision

Hello, Member badcop submitted this cockpit movie about a single engine airplane in approach to the airstrip, with a near mid-air collision. Regards! Almost Mid-Air Collision Thanks for sharing, badcop.

Movies added

Hi, Member PipoServisAir submitted a long time ago these two nice movies about the new SAS Boeing 737 flying a low pass at the Rygge Airshow 25-26 aug 2007.: B737 SAS flyby airshow movie...

Movie – Stunt plane loses a wing

Hello, Member Sunny91 submitted this fake but nice movie about a stunt plane loses it’s wing, and landing succesfully afterwards… Once again: it’s a hoax. Enjoy! Movie – Stunt plane loses a wing Thanks...

Aircraft vs turkey

Hello, Didimon found the following movie on the internet: Cockpit footage of a landing with turkeys on the airstrip. Enjoy! Aircraft vs turkey Thanks for sharing, didimon

Weblog added

Hello, Another blog has been added, Laura is sharing her experiences as a cabin attendant through her weblog Laura . Ofcourse the link to her weblog has also been added to the Weblog list....

RC – Jim Bourke one wing landing

Hello, Member tailgunner_joe submitted this remarkable movie about Jim Bourke landing his RC aerobatics plane succesfully, after the wing came off during a high-speed snaproll. Enjoy RC – Jim Bourke one wing landing Thanks...

Harrier low and fast

Hello, Member Sunny submitted this movie about an Harrier making a low pass in the mountains. Enjoy! Harrier low and fast Thanks for sharing, sunny91.

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