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Dear Members, After 2 years beeing busy with this project, finally it’s a fact, our own Schiphol Kaagbaan (runway 24/06) cam, As a test for everybody temporarely available so we can see how and/or...


Hi, With pride (again) we can offer you now original and unique ATCBOX Badges!! Go to this page for information and a link to the orderform!! Regards: Didimon

Flight1549 powerpoint presentation

Hello, Member Mieke submitted this collection of images bundled in a Powerpoint presentation regarding the succesfull ditching of flight 1549 into the Hudson river. Regards! Flight1549 powerpoint presentation Thanks for sharing, mieke.

Want to escape completely

Hello, Member Didimon submitted the following movie: Enjoy! See a funny aviation related TV commercial from Princess Cruises: ‘escape completely’. Want to escape completely Thanks for sharing, didimon.


Hello, Member Didimon submitted this movie about a bunge of plastic paratroopers jumping out of an aircraft. Enjoy! Paratroopers Thanks for sharing, didimon.

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