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Boeing 747-800 engine GEnx-2B

Hello, Member NustyR submitted this General Electric promotional movie about the GEnx-2B engine for the brandnew Boeing 747-800. Enjoy! Boeing 747-800 engine GEnx-2B Thanks for sharing, NustyR.

Weblog added

Hi, Another weblog has just been added, member pancakeairlines writes about general aviation adventures in a Diamond DA40 TDI. The weblog can be found here and also via the ‘weblogs’ button in the topmenu...

ATCBOX Weekly Air-to-Air picture

Hi, Another great add-on for ATCBOX, thanks to Eric Coeckelberghs Aviation Photography (see his website) we’re proud to offer EXCLUSIVELY weekly a new air-to-air picture! On the right of this website you see the...

Spitfire dispersal

Hello, Member sunny91 submitted this color footage of the Spitfire in action accompanied by authentic WW2 music, including cockpit footage. Enjoy! Spitfire dispersal Thanks for sharing, sunny91.

Axalp 2007 two movies

Hi, Member NustyR submitted two cool movies from Axalp 2007: Northrop F-5E Tiger II Patrouille Suisse low Axalp air power demonstration Enjoy, and thanks for sharing NustyR!

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