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Paul Mantz Short Documentary

Hello, Member Tailgunner_joe submitted this short documentary about Paul Mantz, a former stunt pilot who crashed on July 8, 1965. Enjoy! Paul Mantz Documentary Thanks for sharing, Tailgunner_joe.

F18 Very Low FlyBy

Hello, Member Armenian320 submitted movie showing an extreme low flyby of an F18 Super Hornet at Gran Canaria airport F18 Very Low Flyby Thanks for sharing, Armenian320.

BE-200 Amphibious Aircraft

Hello, Member Didimon submitted this nice demonstration movies showing the capacities of the multi-purpose Amphibious BE200 aircraft Be-200 Amphibious Aircraft Thanks for sharing, Didimon.

Boeing 747 SP at MCAS Airshow

Hello, Member Fopneus submitted this movie of an FRYS Electronics 747 SP doing a couple of passes at the MCAS Miramar Airshow in 2008. Enjoy! Boeing 747 SP at MCAS Airshow Thanks for sharing,...

Lewis Hamilton on Schiphol

Hello, PH-AJO submitted a movie of Lewis Hamilton racing on Schiphol Airport during a advertising stunt of Vodafone Enjoy! Lewis Hamilton on Schiphol Thanks for sharing, PH-AJO.

UA 757 pushback at LAX

Hello, Member Ajax_Rotterdam submitted this movie of a United Boeing 757 being pushed backed at Los Angeles Airport and being filmed from the push back truck itself. Enjoy! UA 757 pushback at LAX Thanks...

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