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Stalling an Skydiving Airplane

Hello, PH-AJO submitted this movie of six skydivers hanging on the outside of a skydiving airplane while stalling before jumping off. Enjoy! Stalling an Skydiving Airplane Thanks for sharing, PH-AJO.

Silver Falcons on board view

Hello, PH-AJO submitted this movie of an board view and ground views of the Silver Falcon Aerobatics Team flying around Cape Peninsula. Enjoy! Silver Falcons on board view Thanks for sharing, PH-AJO.

Iran's new Flying Boat Squadron

Hello, Member Didimon submitted this CNN news report showing a new squadron in the Iranian air force that uses Flying Boats. Enjoy! Iran’s new Flying Boat Squadron Thanks for sharing, Didimon.

KLM Embrear Ceremony

Hello, PH-AJO submitted this movie of the delivery ceremony of the new KLM Embrear 190 in Brazil. Enjoy! KLM Embrear Ceremony Thanks for sharing, PH-AJO.

F50 landing in Isafjordur

Hello, See this Air Island Fokker 50 landing at the Islandic airport of Isafjordur. This nice movies shows the complete final approach in one shot. Enjoy! F50 landing in Isafjordur

Prowler Infligt Refuel

Hello, Member Didimon submitted this cockpit view movie of a inflight refuel of a United States EA-6B Prowler aircraft over Afghanistan. Enjoy! Prowler Infligt Refuel Thanks for sharing, Didimon.

MH60 making a water landing

Hello, Member Refso submitted this movies showing. two MH60 Romeo helicopters flying low over Lake Tahoe (CA) and making a water ditch. Both pilots where grounded after these stunts. Enjoy! MH60 making a water...

ATR Extreme Descent Angel

Hello, Member Runny submitted this movie showing an ATR aircraft coming in to land at an extreme descent angel. Here the GPWS go of! ATR Extreme Descent Angel Thanks for sharing, Runny.

Aeroflot A330 News Item

Hello, Member Greenbaron submitted this Russian news item about the Boeing A330 aircraft flying at Aeroflot. It also shows parts of the safety training. Enjoy! Aeroflot A330 News Item Thanks for sharing, Greenbaron.

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