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Top 10 Flyby's

Hello, Member Didimon submitted this movie that shows the top 10 of fly by’s caught on videotape. See some amazing footage! Enjoy! Top 10 Flyby’s Thanks for sharing, Didimon.

BIGGS Meeting Compilation

Hello, Member RES submitted this movie of the BIGGS meeting on September 11th 2010. The movie shows lot’s of gliders towed into the sky by conventional propeller planes Enjoy! BIGGS Meeting Compilation Thanks for...

Shit Happens!

Hello, Member Didimon submitted this Powerpoint presentation showing pictures of several incidents involving civil aircrafts. Enjoy! Shit Happens! Thanks for sharing, Didimon.

The Red Sparrows

Hello, What will happen with The Red Arrows when have to stop because there’s no money anymore? The Red Sparrows will come in, watch this very funny movie Enjoy! The Red Sparrows Thanks for...

U2 Spyplane Chase Car

Hello, Member George1 submitted this movie in which you can see an U2 Spyplane taking off. Filmed from a chase car that is used to support the airplane Enjoy! U2 Spyplane Chase Car Thanks...

Zweef Club Rotterdam Compilation

Hello, Member Listige made and submitted this nicely edited movie of the Zweef Club Rotterdam (ZCS) of their base in Deelen. Enjoy! Zweef Club Rotterdam Compilation Thanks for sharing, Listige.

Boeing 737 Open Window Test

Hello, Member George1 submitted this movie of a Boeing 737-900 taking off with a open window during the testing period. Enjoy! Boeing 737 Open Window Test Thanks for sharing, George1.

Private Flying in Iceland

Hello, Sanderzzz submitted this amazing movie of an private pilot flying over Iceland and recording it with several camera’s. Enjoy Private Flying in Iceland Thanks for sharing, Enjoy.

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