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B-24 Liberator instruction movie

Hello, Member sunny91 submitted another training film, this one demonstrates specific techniques for landing B-24 Liberators that have sustained a wide variety of damage in differing conditions, including water landings. Enjoy! B-24 Liberator instruction...

The Low Pass

Hello, Member Didimon submitted this compilation of a lot of low passa’s in one movie. Enjoy! The Low Pass Thanks for sharing, Didimon.

3 movies added

Hi, Member NustyR submitted the following three interesting movies: Concorde short docu SR-71 Blackbird short docu Swiss Mirages in action Enjoy! Thanks for sharing, NustyR.

STOL hilltop fun

Hello, Member La-Luna submitted this nice STOL hilltop fun movie, the 1st hilltop in this clip is 20 degrees (40%) steep and 150 ft long. Altitude about 3500 ft. Enjoy! STOL hilltop fun Thanks...

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