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Hi, A few more aviation websites with movies are added: Websites & movies Also a very interesting website with 3d views of airplanes is:

Nomos Online

Hi, Schiphol has a nice Noise Monitoring System online called: Nomos It’s now integrated in this website and you can find the link on the left in the Schiphol Menu. SPL Noise Monitoring Enjoy!

Weblog TFF621

Hi, Member TFF621 started to forfill his dream, becoming a pilot and shares his experiences in his weblog. Weblog TFF621 Link is added to the Aviation Weblogs on the left. Good luck Mike!!


Hi Member Beuk is ATPL student and almost finished. He has a nice website/weblog on which he shares his experiences: And member Sobolo is going to America very soon and he created a...

Gratis PPL Theorie

Hi, A very nice website is added to the Handy Aviation menu on the left. Lots of information regarding the PPL study, theoretical part. Compliments to the founder! Check it out: Regards: Didimon

Weblog Crazygirl

Hi Member Crazygirl applied for a job as a ground stewardess and she’s got it!!! Congratulations Crazygirl She started a weblog already and promises to share her experiences at Schiphol. Starting in november so...


Hi, Member SierraMikeDelta is learning to fly and shares his experience in a weblog which is added to the Aviation Weblogs menu on the left. Weblog SierraMikeDelta And Lisette has a new weblog:

new weblog

Hi, Member bluewings changed of employee and started a new weblog. You can find the link in the Aviation Weblog menu on the left: New weblog bluewings The old one is still nice to...

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