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Spitfire Display

Hello, PH-AJO submitted this movie showing a air display with various classic aircraft such as the Mk-2, Mk-9, Mk-16, Mk-18 Spitfires at the Biggin Air Show Enjoy! Spitfire Display Thanks for sharing, PH-AJO.

Silver Falcons on board view

Hello, PH-AJO submitted this movie of an board view and ground views of the Silver Falcon Aerobatics Team flying around Cape Peninsula. Enjoy! Silver Falcons on board view Thanks for sharing, PH-AJO.

Prowler Infligt Refuel

Hello, Member Didimon submitted this cockpit view movie of a inflight refuel of a United States EA-6B Prowler aircraft over Afghanistan. Enjoy! Prowler Infligt Refuel Thanks for sharing, Didimon.

MH60 making a water landing

Hello, Member Refso submitted this movies showing. two MH60 Romeo helicopters flying low over Lake Tahoe (CA) and making a water ditch. Both pilots where grounded after these stunts. Enjoy! MH60 making a water...

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