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F-15's LN UFO

Hello, Friday 12 January, 2 F-15’s from Lakenheath have signalled a UFO “Something stationary at flightlevel 170”. This is the air-to-air recording. More info about the file can be found here. Enjoy. F-15’s LN...

EDDK Formula 1 Nuerburgring

Hello, Member Airandy submitted a ATC recorded file, read his message: When Formula 1 takes place at the Nuerburgring (Germany), there was a lot of helicopter shuttle traffic. Sierra is a reporting point in...

Benji Ejects

Hi, Listen to and read the communication during an engine failure resulting in a fire and ejection of a F16 during an actual mission: Benji Ejects Thanks to BerendBotje for submitting these files!

Aviation Humour

Hi, Listen to another way of saving money for an airline company: Sound – Crew Scheduling And see (thanks to member lishza another way of presenting flight safety: Movie – Chop Air Regards!

SBS-1 stuff

Hi, This one is especially for the people who own a SBS-1 device…. Our SBS-1 page is updated again with a UserData base (thanks to stevenf) and new or improved outlines/waypoints created by Pan-Pan...

Delta 69 emergency

Hi, Delta 69 experienced some problems and declared an emergency yesterday and landed at Zurich. Thanks to member lukihunter you can listen to the conversation between the pilot(s) and air traffic control: Delta 69...

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