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Schiphol streams

Hi there, Yesterday the streams would NOT connect anymore from my place to the ATCBOX server…. Problem which caused it was Service Pack 2 from Microsoft. The stream software didn’t work correctly with this...

Soesterberg Stream

Hi there, Yesterday we worked on the Soesterberg Stream and thanks to member Soesterberg_spotter we now can enjoy this stream like all other streams. Thanks for the cooperation Soesterberg_spotter!!

NEW stream: Soesterberg

Another great day for ATCBOX, member Soesterberg_spotter created a stream to Soesterberg airbase with also some other interesting frequencies which are streamed. You can find the stream in the Live Dutch ATC menu on...

2 more weblogs

Member KLM641 is working as a bagage handler at Schiphol and also shares his experiences in his weblog. Just started but already nice to read and learn something more about his job. Also see...

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