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Medicopter 117

Hello, See a compilation of the nice German television serie called Medicopter 117. The helicopter is a Eurocopter BK117. Enjoy! Medicopter 117

Gerbrandytoren IJsselstijn

Hello, Member Albert submitted a selfmade movie, See the analogue antenna of the Gerbrandy-tower in IJsselstijn (The Netherlands) being removed by a helicopter, to make place for a new digital antenna. Enjoy! Gerbrandytoren IJsselstijn...

Reviewing AirNav RadarBox

Hi, We are contacted by AirNav Systems and at the moment talking about an affiliate. Can’t say much about that for now but we ‘bought’ a RadarBox to review it and explore possibilities for...

Solo flight In P92 Tecnam

Hello, Member p51d1 made a nice cockpit movie when he flew from Rand airport (FAGM) to the Johannesburg General Flying area. He Added some radio transmissions to it and a couple of songs. Enjoy!...

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