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Boeing 747 going around at Manchester

Hi, Member Muzieman linked to the following movie: See a Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 747 going around at Manchester airport, United Kingdom. Movie includes ATC. Enjoy! Boeing 747 going around at Manchester Thanks for...

Concorde to/go in rain

Hi Member FlyToMuch linked to a rare movie, See a Concorde making a touch and go at Aberdeen airport, 19 september 1984. Enjoy! Concorde to/go in rain Thanks for linking, flytomuch.

Beech 1900D gear-up landing

Hi See a Beech 1900D operated by Eagle Airways making an emergency landing at Woodbourne airport, Blenheim. The passengers and crew remained untouched. Enjoy. Beech 1900D gear-up landing

Fly 5: Civil-Military Coordination

Hi, See the final episode of ‘fly’ linked by member FutureATC In the past, civil and military aviation were two different worlds – but today they are coming much closer than ever before. How...

Fly 4: Air Traffic Control in Europe

Hi, Member FutureATC linked to this episode of ‘fly’: Europe’s air traffic controllers guide over 30,000 flights a day safely from their departure gate to their destination. How are they trained and what tools...

PicooZ, more discount

Hi, The new discount price (only for ATCBOX members) for a PicooZ is now set at 25 euro. See the information page and order it if you want: PicooZ

Fly 2: Airports in Europe

Hi, See the second episode of ‘fly’ linked by member FutureATC. The skies are getting more congested, and the same is true on the ground. How are airports dealing with the growing numbers of...

ATCBOX winter cap

Hi, It’s freezing cold at the moment in Holland and to remind you, we have very nice winter caps. Please take a look and if you like one, order it: Winter cap

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