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Paper Planes

Hi, A very nice addon to ATCBOX, 19 paper planes which are easy to make and will give a lot of fun flying. These things fly perfectly if you make them correct. Check it...

Fokker F28 promo

Hello, Member Xolon found another promo movie, this time about the Fokker F28. Enjoy! Fokker F28 promo Thanks for linking, xolon.

A380 LH promo

Hi, Member Gohanyo-2003 found a homemade promotion movie about the Airbus A380-800. Enjoy! A380 LH promo Thanks for sharing, gohanyo-2003.

Flash game – Stunt pilot

Hi, Member Mike01 linked to a very nice flash game on the internet. Of course the game is now to be found at the ATCbox website. To be precise here Enjoy! Thanks for linking,...

Ticho de Hoogvlieger

Hallo, Tijdens de Hoogvliegersdag te Rotterdam beleefde Ticho de vlucht van zijn leven dankzij Stichting Hoogvliegers. Geniet van dit filmpje! Ticho de Hoogvlieger Steun Stichting Hoogvliegers

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