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Welcome to Samos reloaded

Hi there, Another movie submitted by Thorsten21 Another day, another flight but the same destination. Again, enjoy the unique circling approach into Samos, Greece. Enjoy! Welcome to Samos reloaded Thanks for sharing, thorsten21.

Welcome to Samos

Hi there, Member Thorsten21 submitted a nice movie about the approach into Samos, Greece viewed from the cockpit. Enjoy! Welcome to Samos Thanks for sharing, thorsten21!

Hot air balloon crash

Hello, Member Curtiss submitted this movie about an hot air balloon landing really hard with disastrous consequences… Regards. Hot air balloon crash Thanks to curtiss for sharing.

Flying the C172!

Hi again, Member Gohanyo-2003 linked to the following movie “On Saturday the 22th of March we went on a flight from Rotterdam to Rotterdam with a cross trough the Schiphol CTR. We flown together...

B737 landing Innsbruck

Hello, See a Boeing 737 Straight-in approach runway 26 and circling via Axams to runway 08 at Innsbruck, Austria; view from the flight deck. Enjoy! B737 landing Innsbruck

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