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KaiTak documentary

Hi, member Mikafan referred to a nice Chinese documentary about the KaiTak airport. Enjoy! KaiTak documentary Thanks for linking, mikafan!

Classic Wings – AN-2 Display

Hi, This is a movie you might wanna see, filmed from different angels (outside, inside, a real beauty. Rob “Whale” de Man of Classic Wings performing a display at the Airshow of Leeuwarden last...

Schweizer 300 crashes at air show

Hi, Another movie submitted by member Badcop, This time you can see a Schweizer 300 crashing during an air show. Stunt pilot Dennis Kenyon was performing a practice maneuver called a “wingover.” The helicopter...

Cessna 150 highway take-off

Hi, Member Badcop submitted a cool movie about a Cessna 150 taking off from a highway in the USA, after making an emergency landing. Enjoy! Cessna 150 highway take-off Thanks for sharing, badcop!

Goldmember HD movies added

Hi, Hakkie submitted two great cockpit movie trailers in High Definition format. Note: Not every computer system is able to play HD movies. What you need is a powerful PC which has a HD...

Company stream back again!!

Hi, Thanks to the effort of teammember BerendBotje and the new hoster, special member Marco747, the Company (audio) stream is back in the air. You can listen to: Thanks guys, a very interesting stream...

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