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Jungster biplane

Hi, member Spoeky submitted his movie about a flight in a Jungster biplane. Enjoy! Jungster biplane Thanks for sharing, spoeky.

Rafale close call

Hi, Sunny91 submitted this movie about a Dassault Rafale in a close-call at sea. Regards! Rafale close call Thanks for sharing, sunny91.

Patrouille de France 2007

Hi, NustyR submitted a while ago this movie about Patrouille de France – 2007, this footage comes with radio communications. Enjoy! Patrouille de France 2007 Thanks for sharing, nustyr.

BF-109E Emill

Hi, Member Sunny91 submitted some footage of a BF-109E Messerschmitt ‘Emill’. Enjoy! BF-109E Emill Thanks for sharing, sunny91!

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