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Another view

Hello, Member Refso found a cool movie: see a camera strapped on the main gear of a aircraft. Enjoy this unusual view! This is the latest addition I add to this year. I...

Heading Hunter 1+2 trainers

Hello, Bored during the year change? Not anymore I just added two additional games to the Games section. This time two Heading Trainers. Headings Hunter 1 is pretty easy, the reference point will be...

Moscow in snow

Hello, To get into the winter mood: Member hvdb2240 maded a very nice movie of Moscow airport in snow… Enjoy! Moscow in snow hvdb2240, thanks for sharing!

Maintenance completed!!

Hi, Maintenance completed!! Tonight we (read: Sventek) succesfully moved the ATCBOX server to a new location and added an extra 500 Gig harddisk so we can grow. Also a second server was installed so...

Infrared approach

Hello, Member Refso found a very cool movie of a Approach to Aspen (Colorado) airport, showing split screen IR (infrared) and normal vision. Enjoy this piece of latest technology! Infrared approach Good find Refso...

Super Frelon refueling

Hello, Another movie from member Sentry: See a Super Frelon being refueled on the French ‘Charles de Gaulle’ aircraftcarrier, just before take-off. Enjoy! Super Frelon refueling Thanks, Sentry !

Hawkeye landing

Hello, Member Sentry submitted this movie of a Hawkeye landing on the French ‘Charles de Gaulle’ aircraftcarrier. Enjoy! Hawkeye landing Credits to: Sentry !

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