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Beriev Be-12 demo

Hello, Demo movie of the Beriev Be-12, a Soviet twin-turboprop amphibian seaplane. Several fly-by’s and landings, with some German explanation. Enjoy! Beriev Be-12 demo

Meteo tower SPL

Hello, Member Grqhandling payed a visit to the the meteo tower at Schiphol. He was able to make a movie, see the tower from inside with a 360 degree view. Enjoy! Meteo tower SPL...

New 3D-fun content added

Hi, I just added two nice additions to the 3D-fun page, a exterior view of a Beechcraft A36 and another exterior view of a Beechcraft Baron BE-58. The 3D-fun page can be found here...

A321 MyTravel at EHGG

Hello, Member Grqhandling filmed a MyTravel Airbus A321 landing, taxiing and taking-off at EHGG. Enjoy! A321 MyTravel at EHGG Thanks for submitting, grqhandling!

New flash game – Fly Swatter

Hello, HUMOUR Member Jitte submitted a funny and aviation related flash game. Use the flyswatter to protect your food against a whole army of insects. The game ‘Flyswatter’ can be found on the bottom...

Radar tool NEW version

Hi, Special member Hakkie updated his auto execute program to see the LIVE radar images. Most important is that the program is 99% Vista compatible. See the page: Radar Tool Thank you Hakkie!

Eurocontrol Delta stream update

Hi, New scanner arrived at member stevenf this week and now you can listen to the Eurocontrol Delta stream with the following frequencies: Delta Low: 132.635 Zeeland High: 132.085 Flevo High: 135.975 DeltaCoast Spare:...

Data loss

Hi, We know what happened with the sub forums and it seems that we have lost some data.. too bad! Today Sventek will try to get things back, in the meantime you can still...

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