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Hello, See a movie about the Russian Tupolev Tu-22M Backfire (with a operational range of app. 7000km). Enjoy! Tu-22M

EHAM Go Around & Landing

Hi, Member Sobelair was passenger on a flight on January 18 early this year while a big storm went over Holland. As a passenger he filmed the approach which resulted in a go around...

F-15 one wing landing

Hello, Member Vortex found this amazing story of a F-15 Eagle pilot, who lands the F-15 with only one wing left… Enjoy this one! F-15 one wing landing Thanks for sharing, vortex!

Bumpy landing L-410

Hello, Member Vortex found a pretty nice movie, See a L-410 performing a very BUMPY landing! Maybe a higher speed would help… Enjoy! Bumpy landing L-410 Thanks for sharing, vortex!

Boeing 747-LCF docu

Hello, Member Muzieman found this movie Seen on TV, a short Boeing 747-LCF Dreamlifter docu. Spoken language: non English. Enjoy! Boeing 747-LCF Dreamlifter docu Thanks for sharing, muzieman!

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